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This site contains only a partial product list. If you are interested to know more about other articles or for any further information please contact Mr. Jürgen Kleiber.



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We request a quotation for the following products:
Publicity porcelain orders require the following information:
  - The total number of pieces and your logo colors.
  - For cups note one sided or all around print.
  - For promotion photos intergrate all required text matter.

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We require general information on the following product lines:

Gift porcelain

Publicity / Club porcelain

Souvenir porcelain

Beer mugs



Further details for advertising prints (Publicity / Club porcelain):


Number of colors (incl. black) present in your logo / motifs:

Additional details needed for cups with advertising prints: Size of motif

1-side, max. ca. 7cm (Height) x 8cm (Width), Decor as seen on article no. 956

all around print, ca. 7cm (Height) x 22cm (Width), Decor as seen on article no. 957


Other requirements / details for advertising logos (for example: Size of motif):


Order of catalogue:

Please send us your catalogue against advance-moneydraft.

For international orders we will advise details of payment/settlement in advance.


Sales visit:

Please arrange for us a personal visit with your New York sales representative.


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