Porcelain - Made in Germany Our company has been producing fine gift, publicity, club, souvenir porcelain and beer mugs for over 30 years.

Our products are only of the highest quality and "Made in Germany".


We personalize publicity, club, and souvenir porcelain such as beer mugs made to order with your own logo.

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Gift porcelain / Collector porcelain

Gift porcelain / Collector porcelain

Coffeesets, Dinnersets, Moccasets, Trays, Cups, Boxes, Plates


Publicity / Club porcelain

Club / Publicity porcelain

Beer mugs, Glasses, Wall plates, Coasters, Cups, Mugs

...printed with
your logo!


Souvenir porcelain / Beer mugs / Beer jugs

Souvenir porcelain / Beer mugs / Beer jugs Plates, Beer mugs, Cups, Wall plates, Bells, Coasters, Boxes, Egg stands, Mini pots, Candle holders, Brandy pipes, Beer steins


To make an inquiry or place an order, please refer to the article's description and item number found on each individual page.

Individual, consumer prices quoted upon request. Retailers must present commercial registration for price quotes.


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